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Moving Insurance

Relocating can be stressful. If your furniture or personal items are broken during the move, it can make a difficult situation even worse. We recommend protecting your personal and household goods with sufficient insurance coverage from a reliable vendor. Insurance protects you from suffering a financial loss due to excessive damage, loss, or even natural catastrophes. With proper insurance, you can rest a little easier, knowing that your possessions are safe, secure and insured.

  • When To Purchase Insurance:
    It's important to purchase insurance before your moving takes place. If you make the decision to insure your goods too late, you may not be eligible for coverage. Discuss your insurance needs early and often with your account representative to ensure that you have the right amount of coverage to minimize any potential loss.

  • Insurance Types:

  • Limited Liability:
    Mudanzas Mundiales provides limited liability insurance for all of our customers. Limited liability is known as "basic carrier liability-release value." This insurance is included in your moving estimate and does not cost extra. All goods are covered to 60 cents per pound per article. This coverage is called "released value" or "carrier's liability."

  • If your 20 pound television is broken in the move, you would receive $12.00 in replacement value.  Obviously this will not replace the TV, so please consider additional insurance coverage for your valuable items.  If you agree to this option for the protection of the furnishings and boxes in your shipment you will be asked to sign a statement of agreement on the Bill of Lading (which is the document that releases your goods to us).

  • Full-Value Replacement Protection:
    With this level of protection, any goods lost, damaged or destroyed during the move will result in their repair, replacement or a cash settlement. This is the most comprehensive insurance plan available for the protection of your goods during the moving process.

  • Third-Party Insurance Policy:
    Mudanzas Mundiales works with many reputable insurance companies. Please ask us about the different options available for your relocation insurance needs.

  • Homeowners Insurance Policy:
    Some homeowner's insurance policies cover household goods fully or partially while in transit. It’s a good idea to check with your insurance agent to see if and how you are covered. You might not be covered for certain types of damages and you'll probably be limited in your coverage. You also might not want any claims for moving damage to have an effect on your homeowners insurance policy, in which case a separate insurance policy for your move might make sense.

  • Extra Ordinary Value Items:
    Items in your shipment with a value greater than $100 per pound per article are considered has having "high" or "extraordinary value." Please advise us in writing that these items are a part of your shipment, and consider replacement value protection. Examples might include antiques, currency, cameras, video cameras, jewelry, collectibles, furs, and oriental rugs etc. Please speak with your account representative for more information about the terms and conditions and written declaration required for this level of protection. (Information excerpted in part from