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Clearing Customs with Your Pet:

Clearing customs with your pet in a foreign country can be a challenge. Mudanzas Mundiales offers assistance with clearing customs. Our experienced team of pet handlers will receive your pet and manage every detail of the customs process, ensuring that your pet will be back with the family as quickly as possible.

Steps to Follow:

• Discuss your pet moving needs with us as early as possible. 

• Review all vaccination records and contact us for a complete list of vaccination needs

• Complete all paperwork accurately and on time to ensure that your pet will pass customs quickly.


pet moving

With us, every pet is a VIP (Very Important Pet)! With many years of pet moving experience, you can rely on our team of pet-lovers to take good care of your VIP in transit. Our pet assistance program takes the guesswork and fear out of moving your pets. From dogs to cats, to pigs and pythons and everything in between…if it’s a part of your family, it’s important to us.


  • Veterinary Assistance:
    Most pet owners are concerned about the health of their pets in transit from one country to another. Mudanzas Mundiales employs a conscientious team of animal lovers to care for your pets and has long-term relationships with qualified veterinarians to ensure that your pet will receive expert care.

  • Quarantine:
    Contact us to see if there is a quarantine period for your destination country. If you are traveling to Costa Rica, there is no quarantine period as long as you have the proper documentation.

  • Required Documents & Permits:
    This list of necessary documents vary from country to country so it is important to contact one of our Representatives for the latest, most current requirements.

  • Vaccinations:
    Rabies vaccination is required for most countries. This vaccination must be administered at least 30 days prior to departure, but not more than one year before the date of travel. Please contact us for more information about required vaccinations for your pet.

  • Restrictions:
    Do not sedate your pet prior to travel. Pet sedation is prohibited by all airlines and is dangerous for your pet.

  • Pets In Flight:
    Most airlines will allow you to bring your pets as checked baggage. Airline pet policies vary. Some will allow you to travel with your pet near you, while most airlines require your pet be kept in a separate pressurized and temperature controlled area. Pets that are not allowed in the passenger area of the plane will fly as cargo. There is no need to worry about your pet. We will do our best to ensure the best possible care for your pet and minimize your time apart.

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